First Lady ZeNai Brooks

Meet Lady Z

First Lady ZeNai Brooks is an established accounting and audit professional working at Greenwalt CPA firm who also takes pride in serving the community. Her career, church and community involvement has provided a platform to develop other professionals, provide networking opportunities and help young people succeed. She has a passion for involvement, mentorship and empowerment so the responsibilities that come with leadership are not taken lightly. Lady Z dedicates a significant amount of time to lifting other minorities into the accountancy profession as the Regional Vice President of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). As the dedicated First Lady at New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church, she leads the Leadership Ministry and Budget Committees and helped establish the New Liberty Outreach Ministries 501c3 organization, enabling the church to provide services and support for the immediate community.

While committed to the accounting profession and church involvement, Lady Z also serves as a member of the Indiana CPA Society (INCPAS) Diversity Council, Ivy Tech Young Professional’s Group, the Urban League Exchange and Treasurer for Steward Speakers, Inc. In 2017 Lady ZeNai Brooks was selected one of Indianapolis’ Best and Brightest, top 10 in the Accounting and Finance profession.

Lady Z lives life with high expectations of herself and others, taking pride in maintaining a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually. Her core belief is that we all have a responsibility to help others and to lead by example. She lives her earthly purpose by using her knowledge and experiences to help the community and individuals move forward. As the Bible speaks to committing your work to the Lord and allowing Him to provide the increase, Lady Z believe that as we engage the community by giving back, empowering others and lifting as we climb, we can all make a difference, leading people to be better!

Accepting the calling of Pastor’s Wife and First Lady, Lady Z welcomes the Christian responsibility and vows to stay true to self, remain relevant and transparent, and to exemplify the Christian Woman, inside and outside of the Church.

In 2018, Lady Z began accepting speaking engagements. She realized that there there are too many people lost. Too many people who struggle to understand how to live a Christ-like life. Follow her blog for practical guidance : Lady Z Speaks

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”