Who is He?

Who is He?

God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

Exodus 3:14

When I first married my husband, becoming a pastor’s wife, there were several nuances I had to get used to. Not only running from the hats and traditions of the role but also how I was addressed (or not.. sometimes). I remember early on not being recognized in certain spaces unless my husband was with me. If I was recognized, even when we were together, I was often addressed as Pastor Brooks’ wife. I didn’t know if people couldn’t pronounce my name, didn’t know it, or simply didn’t care. ? This wasn’t a new experience though. I’ve always been classified as one thing, even though I have much to offer. People refer to me as a track athlete, even though I excelled at three sports and was actually better at basketball and volleyball. People refer to me as a First Lady but my career is actually accounting and business. People know me as a pastor’s wife but I also teach, preach and have been handling church finances even before we started dating. I’m sure many people have these experiences. Not being referred to as their name. Not being recognized for all accomplishments. Even people not knowing who they really are. And I get it! People make assumptions based on when they met you, what they see currently, what they have heard, etc.  It’s funny too because you can definitely tell people who really know you versus people who just know of you.

I think God feels like this too! I can imagine Him saying “Hellooooo, I’m more than what you are thinking!” See, there are people who know Him…really, and those who just know of Him.  We make assumptions about God based on what we’ve heard, what we see in others, but often times we don’t take time to fully know Him for ourselves. I believe this is why so many people struggle through life. We get caught up in the idea of God but we don’t allow Him to help through depression, not having money, homosexuality, career stagnation, lack of faith, etc. We know the names that are used throughout the Bible but do we really understand and digest what those names mean, who God really is and how He wants to be in relationship with us? 

  • We put God in an authoritarian box, forgetting that He is also gracious and merciful.
    • We do not have to be slaves to sin and past mistakes. God granted us these gifts to move forward
  • We put God in a forgiving box, forgetting that He is also punitive.
    • While He is forgiving, we should not take advantage of that kindness. God is also a good of judgement and discipline
  • We put God in a Holy box, forgetting that He also is our father and friend.
    • God is not so Holy and allusive that we cannot intimately access Him, all the time

When we put God in these boxes, we not only put limits on God but we put limits on ourselves. God wants us to know all of Him, so we can be fully integrated with Him. So we can walk and talk and act like Him. So we can bring others to Him. Putting God in these boxes can also push us away from Him. Feelings of guilt, inadequacy, resentment and even frustration, as sometimes we don’t believe we live up to His standards. (Which we don’t!) The good thing, though, is that God wants us to be faithful (Matt 25:21), He knows we cannot be perfect (Romans 3:23).

The key verse comes right after Moses is asking God how should Moses address Him to the people of Israel? God simply responds – Tell them, “I am, that I am“. To me, that means : “I am whatever they need me to be, at that time, at that place, in that season. I am not going to limit myself based on human interpretation. I am now who I always was and always will be and I am here”. God wanted to express His full being and glory so that His people would be saved. We can also be encouraged by this because just as Moses was cautious about the assignment God gave to him, God was equipping Moses, through his shortcomings, by suggesting that Moses be fully dependent on God’s being.

One thing I try to be mindful of is the season in which God reveals Himself to me. There may be a season where I need to call on Him as Provider, when money is short and/or activities are high. Another season I may need Him as a Healer, when I or someone I know is sick. Often we all need Him as the Comforter, during hard times and the Saviour, when we fall short. Regardless of what season we are in, we should remember that God is always more!

Don’t miss out on God because you don’t fully comprehend His being. Get to know Him by reading His word, praying and listening…and even attending church! Learn, get equipped and be encouraged!

He’s a great God. And He’s waiting for you…

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Peace. Blessings. Love.

Lady Z


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  1. Wow!!! You better Preach!! Wonderful word and You are Beautiful inside and out My First and only Lady Z!!!

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